Anonymous:  so I know this isn't a self harm blog but you can't deny the fact that some of the picture you post have self harm scars or were obviously self inflicted bruises. Just wanted to let you know in case you were turning down self harm pictures solely for the fact that it was self harm

I never post photos that I know are of purposeful nature. Yes, some of the photos contain self harm scars or even self harm in general, and are tagged appropriately for those who may be triggered by the content. But I do not post photos of self harm cuts or bruises that were intentional, at least not of my knowledge. 

Anonymous:  About what you said to the anon asking about submitting self harm photos - I've never looked at your blog that way. I've always just looked at it as pretty bruises. I really love the new perspective. Keep up being rad

thank you so much!

elfturd:  dat anon has no class. also i love the blog by the way! :)

thank you sweetie pie!

Anonymous:  can I submit self harm cuts?

I’m sorry, but this is not a self harm blog. This blog is for bruises and contusions that happen naturally and the beauty of our bodies and a celebration of how alive we are. I hope you understand.